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FELASTEC® - Special Track Chains
FELASTEC® - Special Track Chains

FELASTEC® - Special Track Chains

The FELASTEC® - track chain adapts flexible and the contact area to all unevenness is larger in relation to the past standards around a repeated. Owing to the very good ground pressure distribution, the vehicles drive problem-free on wet grass slopes even without shaping, without leaving visible tracks.

Further advantages are:

  • the life span of all drive components increases
  • noise poorer, vibration moves its machines more freely and more comfortably
  • if necessary you screw simply the necessary addition profile on
  • there is not a danger of the premature failure, like there is with endless rubber crawler-type vehicles, because the FELASTEC® - track chain consists of individual crawler-type vehicle bars
FELASTEC® - Special Track Chains


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