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Felastec® - Plastic in fine form

FELASTEC® - Sweeper Blades

FELASTEC® - Sweeper Blades
FELASTEC® - Sweeper Blades

The advantage of using FELASTEC® - blade edges:

  • protects the blade, the road surface and your vehicle (for example, cushions knocks and impacts caused by obstacles and uneven road surfaces)
  • less noise during clearing operations
  • good clearing profile due to the better fit between blade and road
  • very long life

One of the most frequent uses is for snow-clearing plant.

Our FELASTEC® - material is ideally suited to both of the above applications, matching your requirements exactly.

Bladess can be ordered by the metre or as custom-made items (with holes, reinforcement, round or bevelled edges).


Felasto Pur - Plastic in fine form!