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Felastec® - Plastic in fine form


FELASTEC® - a synthetic, polyurethane-based material. The formulation was developed in-house for very special applications; that is why FELASTEC is a registered name.

FELASTEC® - the very best raw materials, the most modern production methods and constant quality control guarantee the long life and superior quality of our products.

FELASTEC® - outstanding tailor-made products to meet your individual demands. Our many years of experience in this field together with innovative expertise and forward-looking design concepts guarantee a standard of engineering and design which you will find impressive.

FELASTEC® - an environmental protection. Our products do not contain solvents or leachable substances, e.g. softeners. It is not necessary to monitor the plastic residue in any special way. It can be disposed of just like normal household refuse.

FELASTEC® - the most important properties:

  • extremely wear-resistant
  • highly flexible and very resistant to rupture
  • scuff-resistant, does not leave "rubbing-stripes"
  • reduces noise due to sound-attenuating properties
  • reduces vibration
  • excellent adhesion properties, e.g. on steel
  • remains stable from -35° to +100 °C

  • resists:

    • petrol, grease, mineral oils
    • condensate salt solutions
    • many solvents
    • microbes
    • water
    • ozone / UV radiation


Felasto Pur - Plastic in fine form!